Course Catalogue


Personally curated lessons will take teachers through the entire semester. A class-by-class list of what to teach with resources will reduce the stress of planning.  

Farm to Table

This unit of lessons takes students on the ultimate food journey! Students are introduced to the amazing world of Rudolf Steiner’s biodynamic farming, food security, growing food at home and other local food systems. 

Music Makes History

Students will learn about the impact of music starting with Bill Withers and his enduring legacy, weaving it’s way through the Vietnam War; the Civil Rights Movement and Black and Indigenous rights issues in present day Canada.


The trip begins with the five-part mini-documentary series, Freedom Road which focuses on racist governmental policies and treatment of First Nations residents of Shaol Lake 40 near Kenora. The lessons morph into an exploration of construction jobs which literally built a road that gave the isolated community a way to reach the rest of the world.


These in-depth projects pull together everything a student learned into a final big presentation. 

Celebrity Chef Profile

This research project taps into a variety of issues that have impacted how current day chefs see the world around them, their place in it, and how their food is contributing to improving their communities.

Individual Lessons

A one-day lesson about a specific topic. 

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