FREEDOM ROAD: Construction Lesson

Freedom Road Construction

This unit of lessons takes students on a journey from Shoal Lake 40 near Kenora, Ontario to Shelburne, A’Se’k (Boat Harbour), and Stewiacke, Nova Scotia.

The trip begins with the five-part mini-documentary series, Freedom Road which focuses on racist governmental policies and treatment of First Nations residents of Shaol Lake 40 near Kenora. The lessons morph into an exploration of construction jobs which literally built a road that gave the isolated community a way to reach the rest of the world.

The lessons go on to examine union organizing including the importance of the 1919 Winnipeg General Strike and how it impacted Tommy Douglas’s dream for better treatment of workers and eventually, a free Universal Health Care Plan for Canadians. The lessons then delve into real solutions for Canada’s environmental, economic, social justice, and human rights issues. The unit summative project empowers students to showcase their understanding of the role the trades play in solving some of Canada’s most enduring human rights violations. 

Course Information


Access to the Freedom Road mini-documentary series is through the National Film Board of Canada (NFB) website.

Unit appropriate for 13+ years incl. college.

Suitable for construction, tech (not coding), careers, civics, social sciences, philosophy, history, business, personal life skills, women in trades.

Course Instructor

Doreen Nicoll Doreen Nicoll Author

Doreen Nicoll is a Member in Good Standing with the Ontario College of Teachers. Her eclectic background includes an Honours Specialist in Family Studies as well as Red Seal Certification as a Journeyman cook. Doreen is also an award-winning journalist and podcaster covering social justice, human rights and environmental issues. Qualified to teach the full breadth of Family Studies courses along with Hospitality, English, and Tech Studies, Doreen also has experience teaching Civics and Careers to high school youth and adult students.

Freedom Road – Winter Semester

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