FARM TO TABLE: Lowering Your Carbon Footprint

Picking vegetables

This unit of lessons takes students on the ultimate food journey! Students are introduced to the amazing world of Rudolf Steiner’s biodynamic farming, also known as regenerative farming.

Access to the documentary The Biggest Little Farm (Netflix) is an asset.

The Biggest Little Farm, chronicles Molly and John Chester’s dream of owning their own farm. It starts with the simple idea of growing a very wide variety of crops for Molly, a personal chef, to cook. Progresses to a detailed business plan to attract investors to finance the purchase of 200 hundred acres of land. But the journey really begins to take shape after they realize this is a much bigger and more difficult undertaking than they thought possible. That’s when mentor, Allan York, enters the picture.

York, a biodynamic guru, leads the Chester’s on their seven-year adventure of successes and failures that ultimately result in the creation of an interdependent, interconnected, self-sustaining ecosystem in arid California. In other words, the Chester’s and their team of biodynamic farmers eventually create a living, breathing paradise that can feed many with very little input. This is the type of truly sustainable agriculture the world will need to embrace if we are going to feed ourselves sustainably while navigating the climate crisis.

Course Information


Appropriate for ages 8+ in the following subjects:

Environmental Studies; Family Studies; Hospitality; Social Science; Landscaping; Farming; Waldorf

This course will engage a variety of different skills and interests:

  • planning
  • research
  • hands-on learning
  • problem solving
  • biology
  • budgeting
  • cooking
  • audio

Course Instructor

Doreen Nicoll Doreen Nicoll Author

Doreen Nicoll is a Member in Good Standing with the Ontario College of Teachers. Her eclectic background includes an Honours Specialist in Family Studies as well as Red Seal Certification as a Journeyman cook. Doreen is also an award-winning journalist and podcaster covering social justice, human rights and environmental issues. Qualified to teach the full breadth of Family Studies courses along with Hospitality, English, and Tech Studies, Doreen also has experience teaching Civics and Careers to high school youth and adult students.

Farm to Table – Winter Semester

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