Unique and Engaging Lessons

For parents and teachers who want to change up the routine of worksheets and video games, here are some options you’ll actually enjoy embarking on with kids spanning a wide range of ages, learning styles and interests.

What is Teaching Inquisitive Minds All About?

The best part is that students will take over the reins and self-direct their learning based on personal interests, available materials and their own motivation to learn more.

Student-centred lessons and assignments develop critical thinking skills and empathy while fostering creative, innovative outcomes that prepare youth for an ever-changing future. Ultimately, this creates a love of life-long learning.


Student-led lessons help them build skills and practices that enable lifelong learning and problem-solving.

Practical Assignments

Assignments are designed to help students put their knowledge to work, emphasising related skills and understandings.

Relevant Topics

We've built our lessons using real-world experiences, allowing students to work on topics that impact their everyday lives.

Variety of Lessons

Our flexible lessons can be easily adjusted to support different learning styles, allowing students to approach lessons at their own pace.

Critical Thinking

Students are taught to think critically about issues by identifying problems, researching ideas and presenting their findings.

Good for all ages

Straightforward instructions allow students to engage according to their own ability. Additional resources means interested students can delve deeper.

Our courses and practical assignments gently push students beyond their comfort zones revealing pathways to new ideas, possibilities and allyship.

Check Out Some Of Our Courses

Celebrity Chef Profile

This research project taps into a variety of issues that have impacted how current day chefs see the world around them, their place in it, and how their food is contributing to improving their communities.

Farm to Table

This unit of lessons takes students on the ultimate food journey! Students are introduced to the amazing world of Rudolf Steiner’s biodynamic farming, food security, growing food at home and other local food systems. 

Music Makes History

Students will learn about the impact of music starting with Bill Withers and his enduring legacy, weaving it’s way through the Vietnam War; the Civil Rights Movement and Black and Indigenous rights issues in present day Canada.

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